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What You Should Know About Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

When it comes to erectile dysfunction in young men below 40, the main cause is often psychological. The simple diagnosis if the problem is whether physical or psychological may be found out through answering the three questions that would find out if you are under the age of 50, if you are physically healthy and if you are able to get an erection all by yourself.

When you don’t have yes to such questions then you may want to consult a doctor so that you can have a medical diagnosis and get to know what your problem is. If you answered yes to these, especially on the part wherein if you can get an erection on your own, then the problem could be psychological. You should be able to breathe a huge sigh of relief since there is actually nothing wrong with your body. Your reproductive organ is certainly fine and functional. Your mind is the one which is holding you.

So that you can get that strong erection when you are with your girl, then you have to ensure that you get the right frame of mind. You should know such kind of mindset. You have to get a relaxed mindset. There are actually no insecurities or worries and there is no pressure as well. There are those having trouble on erectile dysfunction due to the performance-related worries that come during the time for sex. When you feel that you were relaxed, you could be unconsciously worrying on things and they would run on your mind. And if you realized that you are not getting an erection, then you may try harder to get one which can actually make things worse. Knowing the root of the ED can help you get rid of this forever.
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You must understand that your nervous system actually has a couple of modes and they are the relaxation mode which is used for digestion, sex and also energy conservation. The other is the fight or flight mode wherein adrenaline is actually released and blood is being pumped into the limbs. You need to know that sexual functions just work only under the relaxation mode. When the ancestors were in the middle of mating and they wee suddenly faced with a threat, it was most excellent for the blood to move away from the manhood and go into the muscles. But in this day and age, it is unlikely for people to be faced with a life or a death situation while having sex but the body is still able to respond accordingly when you are anxious or stressed. It is very lucky that you are in control of the response. The key would be to train the mind to activate the relaxed side of the nervous system.Medications – Getting Started & Next Steps