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Features to Look for in Medical Claims Software Medical claims software gives you time, energy and savings, resulting in better patient care and greater profitability. But as most people almost obsess on the price, keep in mind that cheap upfront costs can easily lead to low productivity. Focusing on features is much wiser. Here are the basic features of medical claims software: Scheduling
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There are many ways a scheduling feature can be offered, and you should find the one that works best for you. Color-coded, graphic, traditional – whatever the style, what’s important is, it’s intuitive. It should also accommodate practices from various locations and providers. Look for the ability to set recurring appointments, wait lists, patient reminders, and the like. Will you be able to write notes?
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The ability to efficiently process claims is fundamental to medical claim software. The inability to pay claims promptly can be bad for the financial health of your practice. Creation and Submission of Claims The ability to create, submit and resubmit claims without hitches is vital to the claims process’ overall efficiency Choosing the Clearinghouse Some cheap medical billing software will restrict you to their own clearinghouse services, which are far from cheap. With good medical practice billing software, you can create a claim print image file and pick the clearinghouse where you want to upload it. Customer Support All medical software vendors will claim to offer the best customer support. If you really want to know what quality of support they provide, talk to people who have actually used their product. Ask the vendor to give you a list of references, and look online for user experiences. Training Although most medical claims billing software is intuitive, there are times when your staff will need a bit of training to use the software effectively. Will they provide it, and at what cost? Is the cost included in the initial purchase? Customizability It is important for you to be able to restrict the functions for every user. If you hire a consultant, for instance, there may be certain data that you want to hide from them. Reporting Running insurance aging reports is totally necessary for the billing. You have to be able to choose the date ranges? Being able to customize reports is also preferable. Can you decide what fields to display or organize by insurer? Electronic Remittance The availability of electronic remittance files from the insurance provider be a huge time saver for posting payment information. Fortunately, many medical claims software solution now have the ability to import this electronic file and provide the payment data for all associated claims that the insurer has paid. Others Do you need to go through a lot of steps to perform basic tasks or access important information? Keyboard shortcuts can also be such huge timesavers. Lastly, choose medical claims software that lets you create and customize superbills.