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Facts About China’s Jewelries

China’s export on jewelries has charged his they also changed their trading policies. China has been considered a final destination for people that wants to purchase wholesale jewelry. There are a lot of fine jewelry craftsman in china and a lot of suppliers as well. Because china’s jewelry market has a very competitive prices, they are now booming into a large industry. If you want an easy to deal with jewelry wholesaler, Chinese are one of those. They will even carry the customs documentation as well as the shipping fee. And things can get even easier when you do it online.

The jewelry market in china is very dynamic. There is a very fast phase in the wholesale trade. The worldwide market in jewelry is not being shared with the Asian countries. China on the hand is doing its best to get its position on the worldwide market. They have a very aggressive price with a fast manufacturing phase. They can create any form of jewelry.

The prices are a bit high in your local jewelry store. Because it is a traditional business, they will have to deal with expenditures. It is the online wholesalers in china that doesn’t have to deal with these things. That is why they can price their products much lower. Since the country has a long history behind it, the jewelry making also has the same. It is said that jewelry making started in the country five thousand years ago. The religion of Buddhism has spread because of the help of jewelry making in the country. It is in China’s jewelry that you can see that the symbols of Buddhism still lives on.
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One of the most common type of jewelry worn by both men and women is the earrings. Women wear a pair of earrings while men used to wear one. Chinese loves wearing earrings even up to this day. Some of the most common materials used are the jade, silver and pearl.
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In the past, woman also wore gold bands on their forehead. Bracelets and rings are some of their favorite jewelries also. For the Chinese people, they give importance to their amulets. There is value in it because of its beauty. These amulets also serve as a shield against evil spirits. Different symbols can be seen on these amulets. The most common symbol found on these amulets is the dragon. Another common symbol used in Chinese jewelries are the phoenix. There is a variety of animal symbols used in these jewelries including turtles and birds. In order to enhance the beauty of the jewelry, they are sometimes paced with dried feathers. Instead of gold, Chinese prefer using silver as a main material on their jewelries. They will then add precious stones on them.