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The 8 Advantages of Coconut Oil Personal Lubricants At any stage of a woman’s life, she may experience vaginal dryness. It is most common during menopause because of the hormonal changes present. During sex, however, is when vaginal dryness is most depressing since he cannot penetrate or make the necessary repeat movements with ease. While the market is awash with lubricants, organic varieties such as coconut oil outperform the rest in numerous ways. Let’s explore the top 8 benefits of coconut oil personal lubricants. The mild nature of coconut oil lube will sooth the sore areas of your vagina, in addition to offering lubrication. When your vagina is dry, and you have sex, pain and soreness result, but such problems will disappear once you apply this natural product. Due to its antifungal properties, yeast infections will no longer be a problem. Mostly, these infections affect the vagina due to its pleasant environment for their survival. Caprylic acid, a constituent of coconut lube oil acts tough on several Candida varieties that are present in that part of your body.
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The use of coconut oil as a lubricant will help a lot if you wish to avoid pregnancy. It works by making sperms immobile and altering the PH levels of your vagina, making it difficult for conception to take place. For maximum safety in this respect, combine the use of coconut oil as a lubricant with other birth-control methods.
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For women who suffer allergic reactions to other types of lubricants, the use of a coconut oil lube is welcome news because it does not result in such outcomes. Coconut lube oil has no chemical additives, making it excellent for women who need to be watchful of what they use on their skins due to possible sensitivity consequences. Coconut oil has a pleasant taste and aroma, which are just perfect for oral fondling. This trait is desirable as many people often complain of the discouraging scents and flavors present in synthetic lubes. The absence of additives means that the production of organic lubricants is not as expensive as their synthetic counterparts. Such a benefit extends to you by making your organic product very affordable. Since the popularity of coconut lube oil is high, the presence of the product in all stores is a possibility. You won’t spend loads of time looking for it. The synthetic lubes the market has to offer often leave women with funny smells in their vaginas. The persons close by will even notice that you are just from engaging in sex if they are familiar with such odors. Such a scenario limits your privacy considerably. However, the use of coconut oil as a lubricant will leave your vagina smell island fresh and no one can tell if you just had sex. Coconut oil lasts for long after application, so there won’t be a need to interrupt sex to reapply the product.