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Be Informed with the Basics of Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

You may have heard already of the new form of technology called HVAC that means heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Electricity is used mainly by this new technology. It is also relying on the advancements in science like in the fields of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.

The HVAC technology is considered as a branch of mechanical engineering. HVAC systems has the main role of controlling the air temperature in large buildings, offices and production areas, thereby providing a comfortable workplace and would lead to a higher productivity.

With factories and large buildings increasing, there is a need to regulate or control the air temperature, leading for these establishments to install the HVAC technology.
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It is noted that the installation of heated air ducts in buildings had been a practice in the ancient times of the Romans. The discovery of thermodynamics led to the invention of refrigeration that paved the way to the development of air conditioning. To attain cool air, there is a process of heat removal through the concept of thermodynamics.
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The process of air conditioning happens with the removal of heat through a refrigeration cycle that removes heat from one space to another.

A home has to be installed with ducts that are used to force the cool or hot air into a home in order to have the central heating and air conditioning system function. Central heating system is very important to heat the air especially when winter season is around. Central heating system can be fuelled using oil, electricity, gas or solar power. Generally, it is in the basement where the primary heating appliance is placed. Air ducts are used to deliver the heat, and steam is sent through room radiators and pipes. A good insulation is a key to maintain a good level of heat in the house so that heat will not escape.

People living in places that have extreme summer hot temperatures would resort to using air conditioning systems to keep themselves cool and comfortable. With air conditioners running through electricity, heat is removed from the air thereby making the atmosphere cool. There is an air conditioner that can give you cool air during the hot months of summer and can provide you warm air when winter time comes.

Sometimes, the dry air in your home caused by the central heating and air conditioning, can affect the health of some family members. There are humidifiers, both run as battery-powered or electric device, that can improve the humidity of your home. Modifiers also prevent your clothes and linens from being moldy.