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The Benefits Of Owning A Hanging Garden

It is commonly known that land is among the most limited properties one can own. This is more known by those who live in various city centers as they don’t have extra space. This is a serious drawback since the limited space limit a lot of activities. Such areas are hard to have a big garden, and horizontal gardens are luxuries. For people who value gardens much, they will have to opt for vertical gardens, which is also called eco- wall or the hanging garden. This kind of garden was introduced by the famous botanist, and it has become known in every part of the world. Vertical gardening is a type of vegetation where the vegetation is planted on the walls of the building with the use of cages, stakes, and nets. There are many benefits that come with vertical gardens and most of them are so obvious, and others are not. It is recommended that people who live in various areas should use vertical gardening as it is the best way of investing.

Vertical gardening in all practical purposes is the most efficient gardening plan. If your home has limited space, the best solution is to employ vertical gardening. When compared to horizontal gardening, vertical gardening requires a small beds. There are alternatives in case you don’t have enough space for beds. One can use tower pots which will allow plants to grow upwards. The investment is not costly.

Horizontal gardens are associated with pests and diseases that are dangerous to the plants. In eco- wall gardens, the plants are lifted up from the ground, and this reduces the problem of pests infestations. Good circulation that results from plant lifting is crucial in preventing various fungus attacks. In a vertical garden, the fruits and vegetables remain clean, less susceptible to damage and they will sprout with lesser deformities. You won’t have troubles managing the eco- wall gardens as the task is simple and removal of pests with jetting water is easy. The vegetables and fruits are ever clean hence you won’t have tedious work of cleaning them
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Vertical gardens involve the use of smaller beds, and you don’t have tended the soil any much. There is little digging during vertical gardening. It involves very easy managements and care. The tasks here are so simple that you only need less time. When you compare vertical gardens with horizontal gardens, it is easy in vertical gardens to gather the yields without many physical efforts. It will be easy for the gardener again to water the plants since they grow in upward directions.
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Your walls will be shielded by the plants in your vertical garden hence you will have privacy. You can grow beautiful and creeping plants to add to the beauty of your home and walls.