The Top 10 Most Played Wedding Songs, Per Spotify

Wedding songs are a vital factor to think about when planning your wedding. The topic of the song is appropriate for a mixed dance as a result of it could actually mean many things, however at the core, it is in regards to the goals that each human being shares, especially these of the mother and father, bride, and groom on the wedding day.

You each might love similar songs – in all probability ones that remind you of your romantic instances you spent with each other – however, you could all the time learn its lyrics prior deciding to go with it. The reason: Some songs might sound nice however have inappropriate or irrelevant lyrics, making it unfit for first dance.

There are a number of songs on this listing that I would fortunately by no means take heed to again, however there’s something positive to be stated about having those play at a marriage- in the course of the songs I like I really need to be dancing so when one thing I hate comes on, it may be a pleasant break.

The Macarena – along with all those different cheesy organized dance songs (Electric Slide, Chicken Dance, YMCA, Hokey Pokey, and so on.). Celebration White Wedding Lips of an Angel by Hinder – and different cheating, breakup, or death-related songs, together with Jesse’s Girl, Tears in Heaven, and I Will Survive.

Tell your band chief or DJ exactly when (and in what order) you need special moments equivalent to… blessing, toast, cake cutting, first dance, father daughter dance, groom mother dance wedding ceremony celebration dance, ethnic dances, garter and or bouquet toss, etc.