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Essential Tips for E-Retail Sites to Improve Page Speed and Increase Performance

With advancement of technology, e-retailing has become the next big thing where suppliers to sell their products to online customers. Ensuring that your page loads quickly is essential since potential customers are likely to go to your competitors if that experience delays accessing your site. Here are some few tips that will help your website to load faster to maintain existing customers and attract potential visitors.

High-resolution images and videos are a great way to make your site look modern, however; they increase the response time. The size of the picture is a significant contributor to the page size and therefore if reduced, it will automatically increase the loading speed. If you still want large content, use an accelerator service that will speed and compress such bulky images and videos.

It should be your priority to use efficient coding to reduce the number of HTTP requests on your site since more HTTP request will keep your consumers waiting for information. Opt for HTTP redirect service that directs mobile phone users to your responsive page without redirecting them when trying to open complex pages. Therefore, optimizing your website for mobile devices will ensure fast and reliable service and as a result, increase your sales. Page load time is very vital to ensure that your business performance well and rise in search engines rankings.

Verify the performance of your website on different load levels to ensure its availability thereby building your reputation. Test on peak loads make it possible to foresee what will happen at various times of the season and what strategies to employ towards increasing your e-retail performance. Alternatively, you can talk to a specialized monitoring service to guide you efficient ways of increasing your e-retail speed and reduce traffic.

It is also important that the content on pages to your site is articulate so that the consumer doesn’t have to feel like they have left your site each time they open a new page. Ensure consistency by organizing the pages with menus, tags and footers as well as headers. Additionally, it is essential to optimize how your E-Retail site appears based on the number of components used, images, style sheets and scripts. This will make it easier for a new consumer to browse your site and may actually make a purchase.

Also, each link provided to point to a valid page and not non-existent pages so as not to lose out on potential customers. By using a custom 404 page that contains your header and footer, potential customer will be able to continue browsing through your pages.